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Blog Tour ~ Saving Evangeline by Nancee Cain

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Saving Evangeline by Nancee Cain
Evangeline is the town pariah. Everyone knows she’s crazy and was responsible for the death of her last boyfriend. Even her mother left her and moved cross-country. Lonely and desperate, Evie decides to end her life.
Rogue angel Remiel longs to return to earth, but there’s just one problem. He tends to invite trouble and hasn’t been allowed back since Woodstock. The Boss sends him to save Evangeline, but there’s a catch: he can’t reveal his angelic nature, and he must complete the task as Father Remiel Blackson.
Forced together on a cross-country trip, a forbidden romance ignites and love unfolds. A host of heavenly messengers tries to intervene, but Remiel and Evangeline are headed on a collision course to disaster. Will his love save her, or will they both be lost forever?
Young handsome man in a white wet T-shirt on a dark background
When he plugs in his phone, soft romantic music plays instead of his usual rock and roll. “No collar tonight, Crazy Girl. Come on.”
The full moon is dropping in the velvet sky and millions of stars surround us because we’re so far away from any city lights. It looks and feels magical out here. Pulling me into his arms, he takes the back of his fingers and grazes them along my jawline before placing a gentle kiss on my forehead. He draws me close and I tuck my head under his chin as he moves us in a sensuous, slow dance as Nat King Cole sings “Unforgettable.”
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nanceeAuthor Bio:
Nancee Cain writes contemporary and paranormal romances with a serrated edge. In her stories she addresses some tough social issues, but always with a healthy dose of humor. Her daytime hours are consumed by nursing in the never boring field of substance abuse. This is rather ironic since at age 22, she met her real-life hero in a bar. She swears the amount of alcohol she'd consumed had nothing to do with her boisterous proclamation she'd met her future husband. A year later, she married him. Raised below the Mason-Dixon line, she dishes sarcasm like a Southern woman dishes blackberry cobbler, sweet and tart. She considers life too short not to laugh and too serious not to discuss. Her ultimate book hero will always be Atticus Finch.
An avid reader and admitted autographed book junkie, Nancee needs a 12-step program for her compulsive book buying. Her Devoted Hubby swears her To-Be-Read list qualifies her as a certifiable book hoarder.
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  1. Saving Evangeline ~ Nancee Cain's debut novel is Excellent! I look forward to more. Congratulations Nancee


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